Yard Guard Clear

By · Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Yard Guard Clear
How to interpret this dream?

I'm walking around where I live, it's a beautiful day and I stop to sit in a field with a long lawn to relax and just watch the afternoon sun. Suddenly I see a fully grown tiger just feet away, slowly approaching me and at that time I like the heart. I am in the grip of raw fear I felt if ever, escape is not an option I have left to prepare myself in horror. The cats are going to have dinner and my pain in the inevitable death … But then as she comes to me, so close I feel your breath, instead just touches me and all I hear is a hum strong but affectionate. Then, as I think I touch it, it stretches and down beside me and just gently licks my neck where he was waiting for the bite. It is clear in my mind that this powerful creature means to hurt and will never hurt me, however she is actually my shield that had protected the other at all costs.

Your dream suggests a bit of a struggle faced by some things in life, perhaps the unknowns "out there" that can even invade the sanctity of the home. The tiger sounds like an unlikely creature settings unless you live where live cats as well. It is a strange intruder — and one of obvious danger. Or is it? Perhaps that is facing something wild, unknown, not that bad and even bring the reward and shelter for you. Somehow you may very well this and the dream is the way to your subconscious mind can bring this to light. You have to face what is now daunting, but intellectually that the result better than fear and comfort that can even come from him. That may refer to something close to home or abroad – but it is interesting that their stay in the dream appears in the context of "homeland." Perhaps it is as if the tiger from the outside world must play by the rules if he had come to his territory – not a bad thing. Is you struggling with the rest close to home or leave for other opportunities? This could also be a factor would be consistent with what I wrote. Consider these points and their feelings – which has already described to some extent – against the background of life as you live it. Perhaps this helps to shed some light that can understand the dream better. All best for you.

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