Solar Cover Yard

By · Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Solar Cover Yard
Strange problem with rabbits getting into the pool …. need advice fast!?

I have a wild rabbit family decided to establish residence under my shed. There were 3 or 4 ….. now are endless. They do not cause any problem, however, the bunnies are drowning in my pool. It is very disturbing to fish every morning. We replaced our sun deck yet, so I'm not sure if that will help. This is our first year with an inground pool, just buy this place. Anyway, what other tips that can help. We have tried to put water for them on the other side of the yard …. any help. One night I left to the street every hour thinking it would be too shy to venture out to the activity in the yard. It worked, but at the same time it is saved for one night, for me to be sucked to death on holiday watch all night. I had never even seen a rabbit until we moved here, I'm very familiar with fluffballs little. Anyone have any idea? We can not catch and have removed them, and I checked on that.

Try to give your pool a few of the owls as life, but plastic – some even come with a mechanism to drive away now howling unwanted pests. Hope this helps.

Back Yard patio cover Video #2

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