Screen Cover Sun

By · Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Screen Cover Sun

Summer heat can put a stop to anyone's day. When very hot, spending time outside can be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous taking note that UV rays can cause skin cancer and heat stroke. This would be a good time to buy a sun shade, do not you think?

Before continuing, must first find out what type of sunscreen you should buy. In essence, these things work to shade an area such as a patio, terrace or garden. However, their choice depends on where you want it and for how long (temporary or permanent). Here are some options for you:

1. retractable. This type of awning used on patios and decks, attached along the outer wall of a house. You can get this in a variety of sizes and colors, and choose manual or motorized.

2. side-screen. This type is used to provide shade, and at the same time, privacy to owners and can be installed with an awning regular.

3. Free Standing Type. This awning can provide shade in the garden and is perfect for people who do not want a permanent canopy in the area. In addition, establishments to use this to allow customers to eat outside and enjoy the view, even at noon. Schools also install it on their playgrounds as protection of children playing outside.

4. Garden type. This is becoming an increasingly popular type of awning that comes in many styles and colors, because owners are beginning to realize now how important it is to be protected from harmful sun rays.

5. When you buy a sunscreen online see to it that you buy in a store that offers some kind of guarantee as a return of 30 days or a 5 year warranty on repairs. This is important because you never know if what you purchased is of good quality or not until you actually see for yourself. Buying online is convenient and simple but it is necessary for you to buy from stores that only offer protection if the item is defective or if it is not really looking for.

Installation Procedure

If you have already purchased a sunscreen and need help to install it, here are some instructions for you to follow:

First, fix the awning the area where you intend to put it. Check the dimensions, because this is where you put the brackets. Make sure the line and the level of supports precisely the opposite, the sheet may not work correctly. Once the supports are put in place, secure with a screw and nut as tight as T possible and canopy ceiling mount.

Now this may seem easy to explain, but its implementation can be tricky. You need the help of others, particularly in lifting the roof and mount in place. If you are unsure with the whole and if they have others to help, it is advisable for a company installation it for you instead. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your awning and may have to spend more for the repair or replacement.

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