Pool Winter Cover

By · Monday, August 13th, 2007

Pool Winter Cover
Can anyone tell me how sifen water pool deck?

I'm trying to take winter pool cover, but has a large number of water in the upper deck. I was told I would have to sifen water, but this may sound silly .. sifened but I've never before. Please help ..

The easiest way, is rude to use a siphon tube or take the hose, place one end submerged in the drainage water you want and then use your mouth and start sucking sucking at the other end. Yuck. Works best for small tubes however. I drained swimming pools for children, putting the garden hose to the pool, lit. Then, turn off (make sure it is still underwater.) Then unattached hose tap and low to the ground to start the water draining out of that end. Starts suction so that the other end of the hose into a vacuum and do not have.

Loop Loc Swimming Pool Winter Safety Cover Information Video

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