Pool Water Tube

By · Monday, March 9th, 2009

Pool Water Tube

Are you looking for magnificent underwater shots of sharks in their quest to be the photographer for National Geographics next big Or maybe you just want a camera that you do not have to worry about the boat, beach or pool. While you may get a further extension of waterproof for some existing cameras can be expensive, bulky and uncomfortable for both load and use. Why not get a camera that still water-proof need to spend extra money on accessories.

There are several models out there, but my favorite would be the Olympus Stylus 790SW waterproof shockproof, dust-proof and freeze proof. The 790SW 770SW is the successor of which is still available, but a little harder to find. The greatest difference between two chambers is that the elderly can go 770SW to be used in up to 33 feet of water, while the new 790SW can only use up to 10 feet water. Olympus apparently decided that the demographic for the 790SW were not large deep-sea divers. Probably makes sense.

The other nice thing on the 790SW is that it is all durability. This has to be one of the toughest cameras out there. Drop of 5 feet or less had no effect on the sensitive inner workings. Why not build more houses so I have no idea. Not only may need to take underwater photos, you can remove the snow without worrying too. Temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit, or -10 degrees C does not damage the camera. I'm more of a fan myself warm.

Friends 790SW our recently used one of those parks is covered with water slide. They fired a video while hurtling through one of the great blue tubes from beginning to end of immersion in the background. It is a very trippy clip as the light filters through the tube semi-transparent and riders pitch back and forth. Definitely a fun camera. Some slight sacrifice in image quality are completely overcome by the factor fun in these circumstances.

While there are some other quirky / novelty waterproof cameras, (GoPro Digital HERO 3 Sports Wrist Camera and the Jazz Waterproof 3 In 1), none match the Olympus 790SW in terms of quality and durability. It still takes pretty darn good pictures and videos even in non waterproof environments. But, if you do feel a need to swim with the sharks, or follow in the footsteps of Indiana Jones, the 790SW is the sidekick for you.

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