Pool Solar Blanket

By · Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Pool Solar Blanket

Solar fish are a fairly new hobby. Imagine not having to carry your solar cover on and off to keep your pool of warm water. It's a great idea and really work. Unfortunately very few people know about this great technology or who do not believe it really works. But it does and here is how.

It is a small fish plastic filled with liquid and sinks to the bottom of your pool with a weight. The liquid inside is an alcohol and a wax. The wax is what helps the liquid flotation to the top of the pool. bits drain liquid out of the fish in a month increase on top of your pool and create a microscopically thin layer causing less evaporation water.

That's the technical part. Here is how to make it work for the potential.
Buy fish
Cut the top of the fish
Squeeze some liquid to start up out of it
Throw it in your pool and let it sink to the bottom, or can be attached to a ladder if you have a pool cleaner
Once the fish is in the pool of your job?

Now here are some important things you need to know
A fish does not heat your pool solar, the sun. Solar Fish only helps maintain the natural heat of evaporation at night when it's cold, so do not try or not to run your filter at night. This breaks thin fluid causing some evaporation. Over time you will notice a significant difference in the heat of your pool.

The solar fish really comes in handy when you have a pool heater. It allows you to use less gas heat pump in your pool. Just put the temperature you want and throw a fish in. help maintain that temperature.

Solar Fish really work, I suggest you try them. Heck they are cheaper than a solar cover and much less work, his worth a try.

Swim University http://www.swimuniversity.com http://www.swimu.com

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