Pool Cover Water

By · Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Pool Cover Water
What is the proper way to use winter cover on a pool bottom up '18?

I have a pillow in the center I can pull the cover so rigorous water can run off or have thrown in the pool water? I have tightened, will hold the weight of the snow?

If your pillow is not high enough your good, but what I was going to suggest was the place an air chamber in the center, like a tube Tite truck and take until spring. If circulates the water or keep it warm a bit, the snow does not hurt, but if you do not get hot, they're so cheap, even if it did any damage, which I doubt, can be repaired or replaced annually for almost nothing. Buy mine in late autumn and the new purchase in the spring. cheaper, the pumps are new and improved, in addition to obtaining cleaning annually.

Swimming Pool Cover Water Blocks

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