Pool Cover Tarp

By · Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Pool Cover Tarp
How can arise from a wild bird egg?

A nest fell out of my tree and fell on the tarp that covers my pool. I found that not much after it fell, and there was an egg in it. I think it's a goldfinch egg, there is no other goldfinch nest in my backyard and always see at least two pairs of them the fence. Should I put the egg in the nest, I know the other mother finch is sitting on?

First, try to put back the nest in the tree where it fell. It is good that the nest is not in the exact spot where he fell. Like the first answer, he said, wear gloves to protect against dust mites and other insects in the nest. Do not worry about your human scent on the bird, since 99.9% of the birds have a horrible sense of smell. Finch other could be the egg, but just to do more work for her. As I said, I would put the nest back into the tree, so that the bird another mother will have the opportunity to raise babies too. If the mother does not return, contact a local wildlife rehabilitation center.

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