Mesh Swimming Pool

By · Monday, July 13th, 2009

Mesh Swimming Pool
Swimming trunks cling too. Is it a problem?

Ok, before going to buy a new pair, I wanted opinions. When I leave the pool, my bathing suit clinging to the extent that you can tell which direction the mine. They are sewn into the underwear with mesh lining, but does little to keep things in place. Is it just something people see as normal as I am a guy and something people can do with whether they do or is it something that should be worried people to be offended? Thank you.

Unless you cut the thing out, this will happen. It is a normal function of the pools. Guys like to see women in the pool and the reverse is the same. Do not worry about that. Maybe some will realize and / or laugh, but you have not noticed and / or laughing every time I see a light something not normally seen on a woman or girl in the pool?

12 Year Swimming Pool Mesh Safety Cover Material Test

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