Intex Easy Set

By · Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Intex Easy Set

A solar house is a house that uses solar energy to produce electricity that can run household appliances. The good news about this system energy efficiency is that is easy to configure and put together.

To configure and install a home solar energy is necessary to mount the solar panel. To do this you must first determine the best location for the panel. Once determined the location on your roof to install the panel, the next step is to get the panel keys.

Look for a beam under the house soffit and extrapolate to the area of the panel. Screw the panel with screws spaces and use cement to seal around screw and clamp base.

Now mount the panel according to the manufacturer's specifications of the device. The next step to configure and install a power house solar is to determine the size of cable you need. Having made this determination Then connect the cable to the panel and run to the area where the battery.

Now that your solar panel is mounted, the next step is the creation of the battery bank. It is recommended that the batteries in a dry place, as the basement. Near the battery, you should mount the inverter and charge controller.

The purpose of the charge controller is to ensure that no more batteries load. Now take the wire and run through the charge controller and connected to batteries.

Now connect the inverter batteries. The inverter is what converts the current from the batteries into alternating current can be used to power their household appliances.

A solar house definitely reduce energy costs. With these simple steps, you should have an idea of what it takes to create one.

Build your own solar energy house with the all step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, tools you need Click Here.

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