Guard Clear Choice

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Guard Clear Choice

Mullet Key Park is actually comprised of five key sewn, so to speak, on the Pinellas Bayway. The keys, Madelaine, San Juan, San Cristobal, Bonne Fortuna and smooth, total about 900 acres with 7 miles of the coast and excellent sandy beaches.

The first European to set foot here was our old friend Ponce de Leon, in his exploration trip to the Gulf Coast in 1513. When you feel you have little to offer in the way of replenishment, can only be assumed he was curious to see up close. Spanish explorers had other priorities in addition to a palette, such as gold, silver and precious stones. Which, as The Indians say these white foreigners, were just a little further.

Today the islands are explored by a large number of people seeking nothing more exciting to find a place to have a nice day out. Sun, sea and sand, and all the usual hobbies and sports to be had to the sea, maybe a little more history. The latter is not mandatory. If sunbathing and a dip in the Gulf of cool is what you fancy is not the choice of the East Beach Picnic Area in Bonne fortune key, or picnic on the beach north and Recreation Area on Mullet Key. Both sites are well equipped with shelters, restrooms and the usual tour and barbecue. In addition, of course, facilities for the disabled. Showers? Apparently not. If your choice is either hamburgers or hot dogs fodder there to appease concession stands appetite and thirst-quenching drinks. They even have a variety of sandwiches with bits of green salad and chips fast food, if not for you. If you want to bring your own rations that can spread out anywhere in the miles of sandy beaches. If you do not fancy outdoor arena in the salad? This park even has a restaurant.

Wherever you go in the Sunshine State is the bar line and body. Florida offers fishing enthusiasts as a dog has fleas. To address this dedicated band of optimistic, the park has two fishing piers. Not quite modest buildings. You almost need roller skates for the longest. Unless you would probably get lynched if the courts, as the noise that could frighten away fish as they rolled over is 1,000 feet from the deck plates. Looking fishing can be as exciting as watching paint dry. However, they never lack an audience.

If a 1,000-foot pier is too much exercise for one day, you can test their strength 500 a foot. No, they have no way stations for the weary, with refreshments and other agencies. Fishing is a sport and, as we all know, when delivered in any sport, there must be an element of suffering. There is a compensation for the ride though. The water is all so clear, can be easily seen.

Click OK. If the fish can see so well, why is it that no more than mere free food with a strong hook as a condiment? Who should do in fishing jogging is an exercise so well here on Mullet Key. You get toned legs out on the dock and then developed arm muscles hauling in the catch.

Similarly there is no shortage of ramps for boats to launch in the wet, and five floating docks for mooring. Madelaine Key is the first of the boat ramps as they reach the park. Do not become so boats out there in the Gulf and Tampa Bay is like a convention of owners of ships. Get many more and they will need water police traffic. With Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa on the threshold that can get very busy at weekends salt. Not so in earth. With seven miles of beaches, park can cope with more people visiting here at any given time.

That little bit of history? The forts were the thing in the 19th century. A lot of strong to deter an enemy. So in 1895 another stone fort was built. This time the Mullet Key. Eight 12-inch mortars were placed on the walls to protect the entrance to the Tampa Bay. Never fired a shot in anger, and Fort De Soto became a military curiosity for generations of visitors to explore. The view only through the waters of the Gulf and the entrance to Tampa Bay's worth the effort. To the south is where another visitor set foot in Florida in 1539, but that's another story.

Fort De Soto Park in Pinellas County. Located off Interstate 275 at exit 4. Take the Pinellas Bayway (SR679). Access is through one of two toll road costs 85cents. The park is open daily from dawn to dusk, and admission is free. Flora and fauna are protected. Pets must be on leash. Ample parking. Lifeguards are present at the main beaches.

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