Ground Sun Dome

By · Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Ground Sun Dome
What do you think of this poem?

Mountain after mountain pass, in a journey to the touch, the bluest of the premises of the sky. At each break of day, I continue on this path broken, until my feet can not go, foot pain, I feel your anger. See what a night, laying in the sterile soil, such as stars dance and fight. My peace of mind is finally found. The peace does not last, as night has come, and now it's gone. Through hills road, Morning light on their heels, the view of the mountains there you make fun, but soon the performance. The dazzling sun on my head, now covered hills rolling almost done, until daylight is dead, and my energy runs. Lay a night more than me, if sleep does not come, I feel like I can fly to the dome of heaven, my mission is almost over. invested what? Please speak at a level that a ninth-grader could understand a little.

I like it.

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