Ground Pool Solar

By · Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

Ground Pool Solar

If you have an outdoor pool and live in a region where winters are cold, you may be interested in options to heat your pool water without breaking your budget. In floor electric heaters in the pool can be very inefficient and costly, and two new solutions that are increasingly popular for heating water of the swimming pool are heat pumps and solar thermal pool. Each of these technologies has its advantages and disadvantages.

Panels solar heating

Solar heating panels can be used to raise pool water temperature of 10-15 degrees above the outside air temperature. If you live in a region that is good, but not cold, which may be the solution for you. Using the sun to heat your pool is a wonderful renewable solution energy and is very economical too. However, the solar panels do not work as effectively on cloudy days, and can not get as hot as you want whatever. They also need much space to install solar panels, which can be a problem for some locations in the pool.

Pool Heat Pumps

Pool heat pumps do not heat the pool water in standard form electric pool heaters. In contrast, the capture and use of heat outdoor air, hotter and became a hot gas to heat the pool water. They are usually much more efficient than electric pool heaters, and are more reliable and can get more hot water solar heating panels. A disadvantage of heat pumps is the cost pool. This is a complex piece machinery, and may pay more than $ 3000 per unit, including a standard. They, however, add value to your home as well, so it may in the end well worth the cost.

Bill Boor maintains websites dedicated to heating solutions during the winter, including Pool Heat Pumps and Electric Garage Heaters to learn more about innovative winter heating solutions.

Swimming Pool Solar Water Bag

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