Green Mesh Pool

By · Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Green Mesh Pool
How to clean a green pool with salt water system?

I have a mesh cover and my swimming pool is always green when we open salt water system, what should i do step by step to get something blue again

When you have a safety cover (which I assume that when you said mesh and not simply a cover sheet), have to open your pool as soon as possible. Ice out. You do not have to heat only the water balance and add a few blows before the intention to warm it. Sal need more hot water systems work. You will also get a reading of salinity. If the pool level was dropped for the winter, you have to add a little salt. If you leave the ice long after, just to balance the water, add salt if necessary. Get the TA and pH in the first rank. Take one day. If the water is hot enough salt for your system (usually 60 degrees or higher for most cells) can activate it and put the building to get their residual shock up. If the pool water is kept above 60F, will work for you and in conjunction with your filter and water balance of your pool will be cleared in a week or so easily. Often in one day. It is this.

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