Custom Hot Tub

By · Friday, February 9th, 2007

Custom Hot Tub
spitting is disrespectful to sighn polygamous Mormons, or Hillbillys fair?

Im from st. George Utah, usually can detect even poligamist if they decide to get out "church" look and a manner of speaking. I was at the gym and this guy was sitting on the edge of the hot tub and he was spitting into the tube through his teeth. I was thinking "Who the hell sits on the side of a hot tub thought spitting teeth in a hot tub, especially when someone else is that I did not know whether to say something in defense, or if it was further back, so get out and I realized that even when stopped some other people got into the tub. I wanted to do is figure out when they had left the pool and sat back in the tub rightaway began spitting in the pool. It was this form of passive aggression or just some are inbreeding. I like this guy more than 60 pounds by Its not like you can really bullly I really cared. I just want someone to tell me is that this custom of polygamy or other forms of genetic Duche bags?

Ignorance and poor education. Hilarious to see the routine of aggression. It reminds me of the pecking order of animals. The Bible lifts us above the animals. Mmm

Hot Tub Accident

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