Cover Yard Guard

By · Monday, October 5th, 2009

Cover Yard Guard
What is a bumper guard?

Is it a car bra? I guess my real problem is the following. I hit my friends civic and left a hole in the bumper. The bumper is good that you just want the bumper to look normal. Is there anything that can be saved on it, like a hard cover it seems normal? Or would it be best to check a junk yard a whole new bumper? Thanks, Laurie

junk yard would probably be better you need the absorbent polystyrene foam and the case of the plastic cover is cracked, you'll need too if you buy the coverage that would to get it painted unless you get lucky and match the color of your car from the paintings fade into a kind of ants differ depending on the environment, etc. usually color is visibly different

Millie Yard Guard

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