Cover Cover Clips

By · Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Cover Cover Clips
Change a light bulb in the bathroom? (In a hemi-spherical sealing bathroom fixtures: I can not remove the cover)

the same device is hemispherical Plastic (?) bowl in a plastic ring. is printed with "IP44" but I can not see how the deck to reach light bulbs inside. both the rim and turn the cup, but this does not seem to do anything. there are 4 points I can see inside of the cup may look like the clips, but I can not see how good!

IP44 means that it is classified as a splash-proof. This type of installation is usually done in 3 or 4 metal hooks and usually carefully removed by prying with a flathead screwdriver or a hand. Be sure to keep your hand under the cup and when you do so it will not crash the ground. You may need a little more strength than you think … you just have to be very careful not to damage the appliance. Put it back should be a similar process. Sure the clips on one side are the seats and then push up. It should fit firmly in place.

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