Clear Space Age

By · Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Clear Space Age
Mirrors can have detrimental effects … making making a head on top of your neck !……?

99.9%! you will not get it even after you explain below .. so just read the reviews on amazon for the book have not HEAD, or better yet read the book. until a certain age I have no self-image .. we are just small creatures infinite … but after repeated use of the mirrors, started building or making a false lead in top of the neck …. we are trying to put [our imagination] one of those things at the top of the neck that we [the] out of seeing other people have on top of theirs. only thing is that they are already curious point of view and are doing the same thing: someone elses head view from the spectators point of view and paste this imaginary view of the head out on the top of his neck. the first real experience of the person they really are on top of your neck is infinte space spotless .. very clear, and as the author Douglas Harding said that the radical cure of any defect, real or imaginary facial disfigurement.

Interesting. I think I'm going to google the book now.

New Clear Heads – Space-Age Outrage

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