Blanket Solar Swimming

By · Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Blanket Solar Swimming

Warming cold pool that can be done in different ways, and not have to cost a fortune to do so; depending on the method used. One is a heat pump of the most economical ways to heat your pool. Heat pumps use water instead of gas, electric heat pumps and reduces the cost of heating up to 65-80%.

The heater size to use would be determined on the pool size is warming? As 400sf. Pools with a temperature of 20 degrees require a heater that can cause at least 223,700 BTU of heating. Most pool supply stores should have a letter-size heater do reference. While shopping for a heater that also want to look at the thermometers, unless you already have one. This would be necessary if you purchase a heater, to ensure that your new heater is heated properly.

Most heaters take at least 24-48 hours to heat a pool function the size of the pool. There are also solar powered pool heaters that can raise your pool temperature to 10 ° F. These types of heaters require no gas or electricity to operate. The solar pool heater would save on electricity and would be an environmentally friendly way to heat your pool.

The solar pool heater, also known as the SunHeater is easy to install and come in different sizes for different size pools. The Water flows through your pool pump and the many tubes of the solar heater and back into your pool. Hayward heatpro system is an electric heating system that uses liquid freon to heat water. Hayward The heating system uses heat to their environment, to transport the heat to your pool.

Learn more about pool thermometers and pool heat pumps from Swim University

Pool Boy Powered Solar Blanket Reel

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