Above Ground Blue

By · Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Above Ground Blue

So what's the big hype about today's above ground pools all this? Everyone has childhood memories of playing with friends in an above ground pool and great memories while the pool was a small plastic tube giant blue water. Well, maybe more than a little surprised to see As designers and materials engineers have come up with after several years of work in today's new design and engineering over the pools land. To start, just do not look like what is recognized as an above ground pool more. At the end sunken deep with a diving board, full wrap around the deck and surprising new options vinyl siding radically redesigned heavy gauge, including tile imitation, in addition to one thing. A swimming pool it has everything a cement pool that has always offered, but at a fraction of the cost.

Incredible new check designs are ideal for

Today's aesthetic features new concepts in the above ground pools simply can not be more appropriate. In short, they look great! Easy to install, as, full wrap around covered metallic coating means no more blue to the eye, because everything is completely hidden by the cover. Once you are Standing on the deck, and it rides on the edge pools, you still can not see any metal edges.

An Oasis patio

The result is that everything that meets your eyes is decking, decorative tile imitation or exposed aggregate (stone polished) that covers the pool and crystal blue clear waters. Add on a trampoline, slide, some lounge chairs and an umbrella and the image of an ideal private backyard oasis is complete.

All within a few days

Today These days, above ground pool is also much easier to install and then take apart if you decide to move to a new house and of course, includes housing Pre-fabed. In fact, if you can bring an assistant, the chances are that you can do all of the installation yourself. One thing has not changed is that even though takes only a few days at most, to create and fill an above ground pool.

Written by Antonio Renaldo. Find the latest information on Above ground pools as well as Above ground pool liners

UFO on Mt Shasta 2006 – photographed 20 ft above ground

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