Waterway Spa Pump

By · Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Waterway Spa Pump
Jacuzzi pump only stays on for 10 seconds at a time, then stops for 2 minutes before repeating.?

I just replaced my pump (Waterway Executive 4hp pump) on my Catalina Spa and shot. For some reason, the pump turns on for 10 seconds and flow of the jets, but then turns off immediately. Stay idle for 2 minutes and then turns back on for 10 seconds. This cycle has been repeated endlessly as far as I can tell from the installation of the pump a couple days. In addition, no error messages on the screen reading the spa, only shows the temperature as normal. Any ideas?

I hate to tell you this but your circuit board needs replacement. The good news is that if the original owner I understand horrible prorated warranty which really have to pay part or Most of the components. (I hate their guarantees) If out of warranty I urge you to look at its replacement by a cheaper generic nice package Balboa VS spa. Most of the time I can replace the entire spa pack, heating and control top of the rice they want for their circuit board. Sorry to be the bearer the bad news.

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