Super Swimming Pool

By · Friday, October 9th, 2009

Super Swimming Pool

With gas prices headed skyward, people are making much more from energy use in general. Electricity costs have continued to increase well, and energy-efficient products are the best way to offset these cost increases. If you want to reduce their energy consumption, it is always best to start by analyzing what uses more energy in your home. In the southeast and southwest, most people know that air conditioning is the number one. If you have a pool, usually ranks second. The sad truth is that your pool pump is an energy hog – but it need not be.

Reducing the cost of pool ownership is an area of the pool industry has been working for some time. Some progress has been made great, but most people are not aware of technologies energy savings that are available. Want to enjoy your pool at minimum cost, so how can you save money? There are two main methods have emerged to reduce the energy consumption of swimming pools. One is to have a two-speed pump. Running at low speed option reduces the resistance to water flow, allowing more efficient operation of the pump. The second method uses an intelligent controller throughout the year, specifically designed for swimming pools. A seasonal cycle the filter is run in winter and more in the summer, gradually appear during the spring and fall down.

A two-speed pump is quite simple to understand. A two-speed pump is just a conventional bomb with an added mode of low speed. The low speed mode moves through the water filter more slow, but much more efficiently. This gives you more gallons filtered per dollar. A good analogy is: "slow and steady wins the race." It also has a high speed mode that is used to implement the surface cleaning equipment (mop pool or pop-ups). This is an efficient method to keep your pool looking great, but is a major investment, requiring that you replace both the pump and controller. In general, it will cost more than $ 1,000 to upgrade to a two speed pump.

An intelligent controller throughout the year allows you to keep your existing pump, but is designed to work only to the extent necessary. Most pool owners know that it is not necessary to run the filter either in the winter as you do during the summer months. When the water is cold, bacteria and algae do not do much, and you can get away with the performance of your pump less.

Some pool owners adjust their runtime filter twice a year, but many do not fit at all. A company in Chandler, AZ produces a product called the pool itself TightWatt ® timer that is used your pump all year round. You simply set a "summer" and "winter" run-time for your pump, and calculate the rest of the year on the basis of these values. This is a good option for people who want to save money, but can not afford to invest in a two-speed pump. It is an affordable replacement an aging timer mechanics, about $ 149, and an easy way to save some money.

Author and inventor, Steve Allen has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University. His company, Allen Concepts, Inc. develops value-added products through innovative design with energy conservation in mind.

Steve can be reached at

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