Smith Square Flange

By · Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Smith Square Flange
Pinnacle pool pump?

This is not a question. I mearly make this information so that someone else can benefit from headaches I've been through. I have a pinnacle of my pool pump and the engine failed. For some reason, trying to find a replacement engine is a confusing task. All of Resour online, and even my local pool shop looked up the replacement engine to be a square flange motor as USQ1152 AO Smith. I did not know any better so I bought one, and it was immediately apparent that I needed a square flange motor. Finally I called Pinnacle (Pentair) and even his agent had to find the number Part of an engine through the bolt. Finnally who got the part number 356 440 Pinnacle resulting in an AO Smith BN35 which has a round flange and through bolts. Hopefully this will be useful to someone else. The person who is kind to my situation better to be awarded points for best answer.

Pentair is not alone in using AO is. Swimming QUIP also makes and have seen people for the wrong motor in the event that all they needed was the manufacturer's engine name, not the pump manufacturer or model. Lol, I have even come to a job search engine when I have the wrong. Does not quite fit right? 🙂

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