Sand Filter Hoses

By · Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Sand Filter Hoses
in an above ground pool you have to remove all hoses and plug the system for winter?

This is a huge swimming pool and make your deck. Only had put him in the last year for what is new in what is required. The swimming pool supply place told us that we need to cover all water and drain ports sand filter and connect all hoses and store for winter. We live in Upper South Carolina, we are not cold here. We have maybe an ice storm once a year, but not every year. Do people here really have to do all this? I guess I have to add that there is already water in the pool, has occurred since a year ago. Thank you. 🙂

It should, but do not have to. If the winter is not taking the possibility of frost damage to filter and pump. If you have mild winters, you can leave the pool running only during periods of freezing – usually at night. In the case of a freeze, you extended is at risk. A kind of shaken up.

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