Sand Filter Above

By · Monday, November 9th, 2009

Sand Filter Above

Suppose you are a student in the local Middle School. Suppose your teacher asked you to enter a project in the upcoming Science Fair. Unless you are a assistant coach, you do not want to try to make a robot. You do not have enough time to observe the growth of plants, plants that have been subjected to different conditions. What should be your project? Fortunately, even those with engineering skills may be limited, in a limited amount of time, build a home made water filter.

Even a crude home designed can demonstrate the concept behind the home more sophisticated water filter. Even a house water filter can transform raw clay, waterfowl of flavor in the clear water, good flavor. The construction of a home made water filter provides an advantage not available a budding scientist who decides to conduct a controlled experiment.

While the student / scientist uses appropriate materials, the resulting filter should work almost perfectly. Of course, not be able to eliminate any bacteria that might be in the water. Apart from that, a house built filter can keep that depend on that filter is supplied with easy access to drinking water.

A student who plans to make a crude sort of first filter would be necessary to obtain a plastic bottle, a bottle with a lid that can be drilled. The student also needs a thin tube, like a straw, cotton, large and small parts gravel, and pockets of coarse and fine sand.

At this point the student is almost ready to mount an oil filter. Three other items should be added to components filter. The articles are a coffee filter, a jug and a little muddy water.

A filter must have one end in water and filtered water outlet at the end opposite. The student needs to remove the bottom of the plastic bottle, insert a straw through a hole in the top of the bottle, and then to invest entire unit (bottle and straw together.)

The inverted bottle is inserted into the opening of the bottle. Cotton should be the first element of the inverted bottle. In part go a cotton top layer of fine sand, and then a layer of gravel. At the top of the sand is a layer of small gravel, and then a layer of large gravel.

The student should cut the coffee filter to fit over the gravel. Once the coffee filter covers the gravel, then the student can pour dirty water in your oil filter.

The student has made a run homemade water filter. That homemade water filter should transform muddy water in the clear water. Some instructions suggest that cotton does not hold either in the oil filter type described above. quilted polyester filling can be used instead of cotton.

Moreover, the homemade water filter obtained by those who follow the above instructions do not have the ability to remove bacteria from water. Those who want to drink the filtered water to add few drops of chlorine to water.

There are special media can be used to remove bacteria from water. In the absence of these means of communication, a student might consider using the type of sponges are found in commercial floor scrubbers. An enthusiastic pond so he could make a home made useful water filter which could remove organic matter.

The amateur pond has special needs, the needs are not in the typical home. In a typical home, residents simply want a chance to enjoy clean, pure, great tasting water. activated carbon filters with ion exchange and filtration microns are ideal components for a cleaner home.

While a home made water filter can not be classified as an ideal filter, it still brings residents in a house near where they want to be. Facilitates the acquisition of water that can keep residents safe from the majority of unwanted contaminants.

Por Of course, the ideal water filter, one with activated carbon, would produce the safest type of drinking water.

Discover why a homemade water filter is not the proper choice for your house.

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