Pump Seal Plate

By · Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Pump Seal Plate
Taurus 199 did not provide any service inverse filter or liquid burned, no filters plugged in but w seal change?

took the valve body and found the external retainer ring pump leaves ground up broken and this allowed the blades to remain in the pump rotor. (For so no pressure) is this a normal fault or did something else cause it.can t 'know if the pump shaft drive is broken, not on the side of the pump Still looks good. converter side i have to take another plate out. shaft is not removed from the converter. Is this normal or have to remove the other plate bell? i can turn with little effort with a rag and pliers.

This type of pump failure is not typical. Whether a piece of trash pump stuck, breaking the blades and ring, ring failed and damaged the strip. In any case, the pump jammed. With the valve body / pump assembly removed, the pump shaft only be removed with a little wiggle. If not, that means that the grooves of the shaft is jammed in the slots force converter pump failing. You might have to use a pair of tweezers to grab the shaft and turn slightly one way or the other non-sticking. The shaft is garbage anyway. Stretch marks are probably skewed. At least we need a new pump shaft and the valve body / pump. Probably a converter too. Might as well pull the trans, or take it to a repair workshop if you do not have a crane, engine stand and making trans.

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