Pool Pump Model

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Pool Pump Model
Algebra (Basic) Support – only checks? ?

A car enters an interstate highway 15 miles north of the city. The car travels due north at an average speed of 62.5 km / h. Write an equation to model the car's distance, d, of the city after traveling for h hours. Grafica Eq. My job: d = 62.5h-15 and a pump 1000 gallons of water removed from a pool at a constant speed of 50 l / min. a. Write an equation for the AMT. of water and the pool after t minutes. b. Determine you and intersections. My job: a. y = 50 t-1000 b. y-int-int .=- 1000 t = 20 I have some doubts because math is my sense a little off … Thanks in advance – please explain any error! 🙂 * I'm not sure if it … y = y = 50 t 1000 50 t-1000 amending the t-intercept, respectively.

d = 62.5h-15 is not correct. Since the car goes 15 miles north of the city and moved further north, the starting point is positive for d = 15 + 15 62.5h, not less than 15 * Not sure if … y = y = 50 t 1000 50 t-1000 ANSWER IS NI OF THESE Since 1000 is the number of gallons of water that it is eliminated in 1000 to start, then As water is removed is taken out of the thousand gallons. To bring in math is modeled by a minus sign, not the plus sign so it would be 1000 – 50T could be written as 1000-50T + b part of your job would be correct if you had been part of a right. In fact, his Intersept t is correct, is 20 because it has two errors that signal cancel. Of course, the correct intercept is 1000

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