Pool Filter Pump

By · Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Pool Filter Pump

An energy efficient pool pump can save money and maintain your pool or summer holiday by the pool. Age pumps are a group of speed while that new pool pumps are energy efficient variable speed and in fact non-corrosive, durable materials. A well-made variable speed pump pool last longer than older types, and it will not work as hard as frequently, thus extending the life of the pump. This saves you money on costs energy and replacement costs for life. Besides building the savings resulting from a pump that works in cycles, the lower the savings that results from having permanent magnet motors combined with digital controls how are you using energy more efficiently.

Whether the use of energy efficient pool pump or the age of one or two speed pumps, you want to cycle water through the filtration system, once every twenty-four hours to keep a pool clean, clear and balanced. If using a variable speed pump, reduce speed to move the water every twenty-four hours. You'll save more money by reducing the speed that reducing the execution time. Anyway, first make sure your pool pump is of adequate size. Too little pump reduces water quality and the comfort of the pool. Too much pump wastes energy and costs more in advance.

Another measure that can save energy is to use the digital controller for most of their water pump that occurs during use outside electricity demand high activity. For most areas it's 8-10 every day. If you not have a digital controller, you can install a timer to regulate the pump use as well.

Anyway, do not forge to keep the vents and outlets free of debris and other materials that could clog the opening and increase the load on the pump that increases its energy consumption and waste of money. Also, make sure that the filter is cleaned or washed regularly. This also keeps the electric charge at the pump low and saves you some extra money does not matter what type of pump the pool of their own.

Wayne Rhodes is a reformed Electrical Engineer who now spends time helping others improve their knowledge of energy efficient products and a green lifestyle. For more useful information on energy efficient products, visit http://www.buyenergyefficient.org/

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