Pentair Challenger Pump

By · Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

replacement pool pump – what?

I'm ready to buy a new pool pump … I have a 48sqf. DE filter for inground pool 35k gallons. . A guy told me to pool the Pentair Challenger … I went to shop online and find a lot of different models … My question: what HP? qualified or classified to complete? head up high pressure or high flow? thanks guys …

Pool pumps: 1 1 / 2 to 2 HP is more than enough. NO is required to head up unless you are operating a cascade of more than 10 feet. DE filters need to backwash when the pressure reaches 25 pounds, so there are your requirements …… loud, medium and low pressure, self priming. (Did you, want to go to the pool people … and ask ???… Sylvan. You do not want to buy more than you need the pump to cover the cost of operating a pump is very high, the higher the HP, more expensive to run … and in summer have to run for about 6 hours a day! Your pool is big (mine is 45k gallons, I put a 1 hp pump on it, run 6 hours a day, and the water is bright! I have a Pentair pump appears to be ideal for applications that is required to do (a spa is also involved in the installation program)

Dodge Challenger 500″ N/A Pump Gas

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