Motor Sand Filter

By · Monday, September 21st, 2009

Motor Sand Filter
carpet dust ruin my vacuum?

I had a roommate who loved to do the work home. When the cleaner, who had sprinkle Glade powder in the carpet and smelled so good. When she moved out, took his empty it. I bought a new vacuum cleaner Bissell PowerForce. When I used for the first time, I could not believe all the dust left on the carpet sucked! I did not use any carpet dust when the vacuum cleaner. Powder was left on the carpet of my roommate. My aspiration is not a dirtcup bag and filters. Everything was covered in dust. The exterior of the vacuum cleaner was in him, was full dirtcup dust, filters were covered. I had to clean everything and wipe everything down. I worry that I sucked all the dust is ruining my emptiness. I do not know if you have dust engine, but there are vents on the outside and I'm worried that the dust is in. What a mess! I never use the dust of the carpet. My trash it feels like it is a bag of sand on it all the dust is emptied from the dirtcup.

I know exactly what you mean! I loved the use of waters carpet too – he did all smell so good. But when I bought a new vacuum – with the dust container and filters – I had to stop using the sprays. My filter keeps blocking and made a mess. Then I tried the foam room deodorants found rug on the market, but I guess they're leaving any residue on my carpet. Now I'm sticking to candles and burners potpourri. But my vacuum is more than a year and use, on average, every two days and so far the engine seems to be well on it.

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