Inground Pool Pump

By · Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Inground Pool Pump
how to decide on the size of the replacement of the filter and pump for inground pool?

I have a 18X36 pool complete with a filter and an engine 1HP / pump with an SF of 1.5, and want to replace my DE filter sand with a bomb and my present as well. I have had nothing but trouble with my pressure and I want to filter lower my maintenance, I am sure that is because I stay on top of it, but neighbors have sand and not have these problems as well as to have a swimming pool automatic cover so unless you open the pool usually insnt that dirty. I got several quotes and each with different models, I wonder what model do you recommend all of you that narrows my options so you can make this decision with better information. I just want to make sure I am getting the correct size and series and brand that will the best for our pool, and get the most out of every dollar. Thank you, thank you for your help and support in this regard.

Too bad there were problems with ED usually a good option, I recommend cartridge filters, but I would recommend for your pool filter basket 520sqft. As to Pentair in for clean clear plus. They also have a great flame of FNS is a cartridge filter is placed on the DE making a snap to remove for cleaning samples and not have to go through the exercise of putting a leaf type filter back. For Pentair sand is that too. Check the Triton. For a pump that I would be nothing greater than what shure you put the water will be distributed faster but at a higher cost. Pentair makes a variable speed pump speeds of 4 or more in two models, but since you not have a spa that is not likely to be interested if the IntelliFlow has an interesting feature is the only pump on the market that will save the lives of oneself or vacuum someones blockade. It is the flow and obstruction montiors senses and immediately turns off, time that leaves a basket of all or a blockage of life.

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