Gph Filter Swimming

By · Friday, July 24th, 2009

Gph Filter Swimming
Beau Gregory I have a maid and turn black, is this bad?

I have a month 16 years old 50 gallon tank with 7 small fish (2 clowns, 2 engineer gobies, 1 Green Chromus, Beau Gregory and two girls), filtration of large, 600 gph circulation, 50 pounds of cured live rock, 2 light bulbs hydride metal, a hedgehog, a lot of crabs and shellfish. I have no biological filter, nor do I have a dropoff. The maids have a privileged maintianed in liverock, I have huge bathroom and plenty of places for fish to hide. First one girl only turned black, now that they are not sure if this is a sign of distress.

Possibly not. It was the blue and yellow fish so far? That is less theur color. As adults, is a dull gray: It can only be maturing. The only other condition that causes a fish turn black are the presence of too much ammonia or chemical irritants in the water. Test your water if you are able to do so, and check the behavior of other fish, and should also be affected if the cause is something in the water. Otherwise, I'll just chalk this up to older fish and changing color.

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