Gph Above Ground

By · Friday, January 15th, 2010

Gph Above Ground
Plumbing? What electric water pump will work?

I bought a propane heater tankless water in our cabin. I Use a cistern on the floor of my water source, however when I read the instructions, I learned that the unit has an inlet valve that requires minimal 30 psi to operate. I am looking for a small centrifugal pump 110v to create the necessary pressure, but do not know what will do it. Most pumps are classified in GPH and PSI no. My entry of water is 1 / 2 "." I can use a submersible or I need a remote control unit – say 1 / 2 hp, 1 "@ 330 GPH output and use to create more pressure when I reduce it to 1 / 2 "? not want to use one expensive booster pump enormous. Someone just robbed after we leave. I would like some small and cheap – maybe a pool pump used? Would that work?

I tried this with regular bombs, and the slight pressure of the water already is going to cause problems. Unless you wanted to install a submersible pump in the well and pump from there, I think a booster pump would be best, like this: There are many other brands of some of these, you may want to check all results of google for more information: + + Pump pressure booster & btnG = Google + Search & aq = f & oq = + + + water pressure booster pump

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