Above Ground Pool

By · Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Above Ground Pool

There are two types of pool that could be right for you. It could be one on the ground or surface pool. Both types vary depending on construction. Their features also offer different advantages for you. Learn how to build and its features can help you make a decision about what type of pool you can have that is right for your budget.

So what are its characteristics? In this article, you will know more about him. Also take a look at how they are constructed.

The first type to be discussed is the former floor of the pool.

Construction: In the pool area only on the surface of your lawn. If you look at it, protruding from the earth. Even there is no need to dig or carry out the excavation to install them. Faced with the use of aluminum, resin or steel. The pool surface is made of vinyl. The plumbing system is placed on a sandy surface below the surface of vinyl.

Advantages: Since there is not much work involved in the construction, completion of the pool can take a day or two for less. Other than that, it is cheaper to install because there is no need for excavation. It is also easier and less tedious to maintain. It is considered more sure if you have kids. Because it is high, you can control access to the pool. On the other hand, is more applicable to households with small areas of land.

They are also temporary. Since it is not embedded in the ground, not have to do any filling. Only you can restore the natural landscape with ease. And if you decide to move, you can bring to the pool with you.

The swimming pool is the pool should be discussed on the floor.

Construction: In Ground pools generally take days to complete the installation. There are several things that need to be considered: the depth of the pool, the type of materials used and of course, maintenance rules of the association and local laws related to construction of the pool safety. Keep in mind that going for this type of pool is more expensive but the result is more beautiful compared to the previous rate.

Advantages: In ground pool adds more aesthetic value to your home. Its effect is only a beauty in your lawn. The shape and design you can use is more diverse in comparison with above ground pools. The result is cleaner because the plumbing system is well hidden beneath. If you like deep pools, this is the best option. You can also make gaps in it when you swim because you can make it bigger and wider, without making it look too bulky in your backyard.

Not a cheap solution in the pool of land has been raised by concrete pools. If you want the most durable type, pre-fabricated fiberglass pools are available. They are resistant to shock, so that in case that can withstand earthquakes shake and prevent cracking of the pool. As for the beauty and cold areas, vinyl-ground pools are the best.

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