Wall Above Ground

By · Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Wall Above Ground
Put in a new skimmer 18 "x48 above ground pool skimmer wall section because old is rusting.?

I plug the mouth skimmmer or removed old tin or something to cover the hole in the skimmer of age and type of waterproof adhesive function. I have to cut a hole in the skimmer again on another wall panel and what tools are needed to make and cut a new hole.

I really do not know if I could do it yourself, however, if you insist. About the skimmer hole cover your age, I can not see yours, but say that theirs is the same as mine, you could use the use of silicone rubber or something of this kind to cover the hole. I have no idea what your skimmer is done, but you can use a series of tools and any tool that will make cuts in the background, nothing specific, I mean if you can use scissors and then go along! If you can not try to buy something that can be cut, go to a hardware store and say that the material being cut, I'm sure it will come up with something that will work!

How To Build an Above Ground Pond

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