Swirl Swimming Pool

By · Monday, December 14th, 2009

Swirl Swimming Pool
I dream of a swimming pool, scorpion stings, and Dad?

I had a dream as a child and is somewhat troubling to put me on more than eight years. (I have 17 now.) I think this was before my father died. The two were in an indoor pool and sat on the edge as I swam. Then suddenly there was a scorpion on the edge of the pool in front of him and he extended his hand to grab the ledge to approach him and hit me. Then all was very scared and my vision became very rare (neon patterns and eddies) and thought I would die. Then I woke up! I can not really find any interpretation that makes sense in the context – can anyone help me? Thanks!

our dreams are a communication between our conscious and subconscious mind …. or better the physical and emotional mind ….. is a dance of communication between the two when we allow ourselves the opportunity to sit still enough for them to speak …… if I had guess ……… (Nobody knows your )…… emotional or physical I would say that the pool …… represents your life .. your father the importance of it at the time ….. Obviously there was some fear for his father. (If it was knowing he was dying … or dead at the time) the scorpion are represented in this case fear that …… That means you can only tell by their own interpretation ….. as in. ….. was the fear of being close to his father at the time …… or ……???? and for the great fear …. "Were very "…… Strange and feeling that were going to die ……. a guess would be something ….. you do not want to happen .. that tramatizing … o. front what you do not want without the ability to stop …. sorry about your dad ……. good luck

Swimming Pool

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