Swirl Bottom Swimming

By · Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Swirl Bottom Swimming
Goldfish Are we supposed to beat?

We've only had our colorful fish a day and is acting strange … It's small, I think it an infant, fins look like they are the fragmentation, if you know the largest goldfish has been to bite or not .. the small does not seem to eat (at least I do not see eating) and anything that floats and on your side .. sometimes violently spinning in circles on the bottom and floating on top .. and shakes .. do fish have a crisis? Are you going to die soon? Please help! Any information saving fish life is appreciated!

Whoa … all that? you must purchase a healthy fish. return it to the pet store because he gave a goldfish healthy baby, try not to buy goldfish least a few months old. and for future reference, do not keep fish different colors in size, always keep them close to their own class size and even if possible (with Ryukin Ryukin, comets with comets).


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