Stick Cove Kit

By · Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Stick Cove Kit

Sunday School is the ideal place for youth to learn about the views and religious beliefs. By incorporating interesting and fun activities Bible Crafts Sunday school curricula, you can ensure that their students forward to Sunday.

Church Craft Yarn Cross

To participate in Sunday school craft, you need the following:

* Mini craft sticks
* Sticky glue
* Gems
* Low temp glue gun
* Sticks
* Several color yarn

Help students worship their children apply glue hot at the end of the wire and attach it to one end of the regular sized craft stick. Then ask them to cover the rest of the club with sticky glue. Your next task is to wrap the yarn around the stick-many times as necessary to completely cover the pin. Then help students trim the end of the wire and glue in place with the gun hot glue. Repeat this process with the mini stick. After the two sticks are covered with yarn, glue them together with hot glue gun to form a cross. Encourage your students to decorate their crosses with precious stones.

This is a great addition to the curriculum because of its Sunday school students will love to take up his cross yarn home to share with family and friends.

Pasta Bible Activity Pins

For the art of the church, you need the following:

* Lots of the letter-shaped pasta
* Spray Paint
* Jewelry Pins
* Sticky glue

Help your students choose pasta in the form of letters to spell words or phrases related to your Bible lesson. If you are just covered with a lesson on the history of creation, have them show "Adam", "Eva" or "Eden." If you want more generic rather than based lesson encouraging students to collect the letters you type "god", "Jesus," "WWJD," etc.

Then, students paste paste letters to form words they have chosen. Then they will stick a pin in Jewelry on the back. Finally, students help their spray paint and prepare their pins to use!

These two activities are perfect Sunday school to add to your Sunday school plan because they reinforce the teachings of Christianity at the same while providing students a creative outlet.

Mary-Kate Warner is the publisher of Christianity Cove, the web’s #1 resource for Sunday School curriculum, lessons, church crafts, games, and ideas for teachers.

Over 2,823 churches from across the United States and around the world have used her lesson plans to revitalize their Children’s Church programs and fill their classrooms with eager students. Visit her website today for a free Sunday School teaching video:

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