Shield Pool Liner

By · Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Shield Pool Liner

The cost of an indoor heated pool is out of budget for most people. For those who still want the convenience of swimming throughout year, a solar pool can be a low cost answer.

A dome pool cover Sun will create an environment inside of your outdoor terrain above or inground pool. The dome is a solar cover which is like a solar greenhouse for your pool. You can increase the water temperature to 20 degrees and the air in the interior and 40 degrees.

If you live in an area with very cold winters that water can not stay warm enough to swim comfortably. But you'll be able to multiply bathing season. You can start using your pool in early spring and later in the fall. If you have mild winters with plenty of sunshine may be able to use your pool year round. If it's 40 or 50 degrees outside it might be 80 or 90 within its dome.

Not only solar heat dome the pool will also help you stay warm. Wind on the surface of the pool can cool rapidly the surface of water. Its dome will protect the water and swimmers inside the wind.

Some domes are made of a material that blocks UV rays that can be harmful and cause sunburn. But still enough to allow you can get a tan. Imagine having a tan all year round. Even if the water is too cold to swim in you can sit or put warm air in the dome on a sunny day.

The housing bubble will help keep your pool cleaner and keep insects, leaves and other debris out. This can save you money with less time and cleaning costs. Also less money spent on tanning salons.

If you want the benefits of an indoor heated pool at an affordable price you should look for in a solar swimming pool dome.

Learn more about pool sun domes and how to get one for your pool.


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