Shield Guard Gorilla

By · Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

February 1

I can not lie and say this was my favorite drill. I never liked. But I can say some exercises helped me improve My ball-handling skills like this exercise. The attacking player must beat two defenders from one end to the halfway line or line of other end. For the sake of their players are in the middle of the stadium, because this exercise can be stressful and damaging to the psyche. A player has the ball at the end of the line and is strongly defended by two players. If the ball is beaten out for whatever reason, the offensive player must start again. The defensive players should be rewarded if they stop the offensive player and vice versa. This really force you to use your speed, strength and ball handling moves. My theory on this issue was the speed to a corner until it was cut, then I immediately after the ball by taking two steps back hard to make space. Once I had my space I could nip back the other direction. Use your outside arm as a shield and not shy away from contact. This exercise will prepare you for games like few do. I teach anyone who will listen.

Circle Pistol

Pistol Pete In video series tells of a circle drill that would be used to work on his ball handling. This man was incredible. Of all However, the drill is simple in concept. For coaches, first, to get players in the three circles on the floor. We used the half-court circle and the two circles bad line. Once in the circle to use all drip movements you have in your repertoire. This should be a crossover, a spin move, backing the ball and any others that may have practiced. Pete recommends the use of three minutes to start and goes up to five minutes as they accumulate. This makes you very tired, but because it is a exercise can be done in a short period of time, I recommend to all players, not just the guards.

Maximize your Boat

I've played in some variants of this year, but in the configuration of a computer is a little different. Form two lines to the lack of extended line. We call it the elbow but some call it marriage. It is 15 feet away in the elbow, in both cases. Players are allowed a boat to get to the basket. Players must complete Two types of vaccines to complete this exercise properly. First you must complete a tray with the baba and second that must reach a jump stop and shoot a jump shot Steps away lay-up. Both are used in games and are very important. The coaches teach players the importance of stopping with both feet in a way controlled. You'll be surprised how much space can be covered, completing a single jump. Complete the two types of each side. Once the line failure is complete, move the 3-point line.

From here each player is allowed 2 drops. Some will be able to get on a boat and should be congratulated for it. The drill point is to go as far as possible in limited boats. Each player must complete a tray and leave to go on both sides. Once that move is complete, at midfield and allow 3 drops. The same rules apply. Once that move is complete, the base line and see how many dribbles that leads them to the other side. Leads 4-5 is possible that some older players that age. This exercise is fun and challenging. Teach drip speed, control and gain limited space with dribbles. In a high school game once, I remember had the ball at the top of the key and take a boat and enter into a jump stop. It was probably 7-8 feet in the jump stop for me to do well for the basket. I was under control and was glad that I practiced this exercise.

Brian Schofield is a former college basketball player and now writes for the basketball coaching website

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