Reef Round Swimming

By · Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Reef Round Swimming
Trying to find this old PC game fish?

As a teenager I played this game 2D on Win 95 where you can select from a lot different fish (or shrimp) and you swim around a coral reef to eat other fish and avoid bigger fish. The graphics were 2D drawings about how fish really look in real life – not the kind of cartoons. It was really educational, as he had to say the names of the fish (I have memory wrasse fish, fish parrot, cleaner shrimp, cleaner mimic, squirrel, red mullet, etc.) as well as what they ate. And the graphics were in 2D, but pretty accurate. You could be an imitator clean the fish and turn taking bites of all because they want to eat fish. You might even be a shrimp and eat plankton! I'm feeling a bit nostalgia and wondering if anyone has played this game, remember his name or know where to find it. Thanks!

lol, I just remembered a game called, games water. I think the characteristics Robocod on it too. hehe

Shark swimming at Osprey Reef

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