Print Bottom Swimming

By · Friday, February 6th, 2009

Print Bottom Swimming

Swimming is a sport that can be done in many ways. Swimming is often a better option exercise than running or cycling because it is a low activity impact, so it is better for joints and bones of everyone young and old, and in the middle.

Swimming laps can be boring but and most of the time the pool is not available for a game full of water polo. What can you do in the water that is a fun way to burn calories and lose weight?

Water aerobics are popular because they burn the same amount of calories as the step, but without the impact. You can work your legs and core of all while holding to one side of the pool. Abdominal Try putting your legs toward your chest using only the abdominal muscles (do not forget to keep your knees together.) You can also work the thighs and buttocks by holding the wall and lifting one leg and back at once. Many gyms offer aerobic classes, which are great because they have a group of friends to work with!

Walking. Believe it or not, walking in a pool is a tough business. Due to buoyancy, your body wants float, not allow it. Walk a short way through the shallows, moving their arms in the proposed breaststroke. When you reach the other end around and do it again, but this time attacking. Make sure your feet in solid contact with the bottom of the pool. 3 laps short of this and was feeling in the legs and core.

Treasure Diving. pool games are not just for kids! Lanza corks, pennies, or whatever can be found around objects on the deep pool. From the shallow end, swim, take an object and return it to the shallow end. See how many you can pick up in 5 minutes, always swimming again to the shallow part between dives. You can use the same motion every time, or put into practice to blows at once.

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