Pool Wall Foam

By · Monday, April 27th, 2009

Pool Wall Foam
When it rains, my garage precast concrete, water leakage at the base and leaves pools of water on the inside?

Can anyone help. I tried to clean dirt around the edges, I seal between tiles and walls are not wet. I have tried silicone sealant But that does not seem to bond with cement, I have also tried expanding foam, but this does'nt work well. There is always a wet edge lower when aaarrrggghhh rains. Please help

Have you tried to find where the water comes from? In my work, we see things like this often. Our method of expanding foam on the outside of the wall, between the concrete and soil. (O in the articulation of the wall and the floor or under the concrete above the ground). Another method is to use an epoxy to waterproof membrane. Epoxy love to adhere to the concrete. Here is a great site for the repair of concrete: www.icri.org

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