Pool Vinyl Liner

By · Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Pool Vinyl Liner
patch a pool liner vinyl without draining the water?

i heard of patches that can be used under water …??

Yes, they do as part of my business. There are two types of patch kits you can buy. One that is peel and stick the other is a tube of glue with a sample of vinyl material. Go to tail kits, which are better. When you have cut the patch to correct size, apply glue to one side, folded in half with the adhesive side (on) and when you in place, unfold and place the sticky side down. Smooth the excess glue out from the center to the edges. Keep an eye on it for a minute as they often the edges can curl up. Just rub again. The patch will be good to go in a minute, so do not waste too much time between applying the glue and place the patch over the hole. The reason why fold it in half, limiting exposure to pool water to the tail. It gives a little more time to work with the patch, because the pool water is what helps the glue set. If this hole is in the seam, as the other person has said here is difficult but not impossible. I tried a patch before a new liner every day. worst case, your rate of water loss in the best case, it will work fine. A thing. When cutting the patch, leave at least half an inch of overlap the hole at the edge of the patch, which patch size accordingly and ensure that the bits no jagged edges on the patch before pasting. A round or oval patch in the best rooms. There are no corners to catch on feet or pool cleaners.

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