Pool Liner Overlap

By · Friday, June 26th, 2009

Pool Liner Overlap

Your line has a huge tear that can not be corrected with a vinyl patch kit cost? Or is it just his reality and his age was beginning to tarnish or falling apart? If so then you're in the market for a new line above ground pool, but before going to pick only the age of coatings the store or online, there are some things you need to know.

The first thing to know is what is needed. There is a simple way to determine what kind you have. Just look outside the pool and if you see your line on the outside of the pool wall below the top rail so you have an overlap line. This means that the lining is hangs draped on her side of the pool and drastic measures against the use of coping line and the top rail.

If you know you do not see the overlap of the pool wall then you have an investment account. It hangs by pulling the top of the shirt on a track that runs the ball top of your pool. overlapping liners liners are more common, but accounts are usually a better grade.

Now, when shopping remember a line you need to know the exact size of your pool and the height of the wall. multiple overlapping shirts fit wall heights, but if you have a coating accounts then you need to buy the exact size of your wall height.

Learn more about pool liners and pool care from Swim University

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