Pool Liner Guard

By · Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Pool Liner Guard
Do you have a pool? I need advice on how to clean the lining of a swimming pool.?

I have an indoor pool that I have not used during the winter. We have well water (live in the country) and have the metals in the water. Our line is stained, is not it almost seems to be rust, but of course. I have used the chemical to treat water for metals, shocked the pool, chlorine tablets, guard algae, which vac'd, brushed him …….. and remains its stained. Even after washing the walls and floor, most of this will not come out. The pool supply store says he never drain the pool and these chemicals will take care of her … WRONG! If anyone has any advice PLEASE pass along!

Most likely thats Tanic acid, but also could be an accumulation of calcium discolored. Lower the pool level a few feet and try a solution of muriatic acid and water – About 1-3. Be careful and wear rubber gloves and put the solution in a plastic container or what they eat. This material is very dangerous if mishandled. If that works, then wait until the water level in the soil is low and drain the pool, the package of the drain with sodium carbonate, not eat up any metal and put your solution in a plastic watering can and sprinkle the sides of the pool. Have your hose ready to wash it down as soon as you clean. Read this information before that this does not hurt http://appliancequickfix.com/POOLSTUFF.html

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