Pool Liner Floor

By · Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Pool Liner Floor
Above Ground Pool online?

I have to clean my pool liner this year. I'm going to completely empty my pool … And then clean the walls and very good floor. What are some cleaners I can use, that is safe for the investment and insurance after refilling of swimming?. I was thinking of using chlorine in a spray bottle with water and old towels deluted. Would that be ok? lines that do not, but three years is old, but the water was very green this year, and the AI does not take any just treating risk. id rather empty and clean it again to fill ..

There are special cleaning the pool liner, but if I were you, I just shock and let the filter cleaning. The water turns green again in a few days after cleaning if you do not do that. Chlorine must be used in swimming pools almost weekly to keep the water clear. Test it weekly and add chlorine, as indicated.

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