Pool Floor Padding

By · Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Pool Floor Padding
How I can do this better?

Here is mine, I special place in the community is Deer Valley Pools. Once you walk through doors, you can smell the water in the pool. You can also feel the thick, non-slip pads that are on the ground. You hear the water splash a little low his feet. The most noise you hear is all the people outside having fun in the pool. Once you hit the swimming pool can be smelled even better, and see the crystal blue of the waters. Then, once you're getting into the pool you can feel the cold refreshing water, and still have the rest of your body warm because it is 105 degrees. This is what my teacher said, "Good start, try to add more images, as metaphors, similes, and the five senses. Make sure you are" showing " not "say." You use some images, but try to be tested more. "

Start with the space that is when spends doors. Is it a foyer or an entrance so big? How do you start? You mention that you can smell the water in the pool, but you can feel the moisture in this area or not does not become a factor until it approaches the pool? Why skid pads here? Are you going to a costume for change? Is there secure storage space behind a counter, or that each swimmer to get a locker? If you separate the string into two or more spaces, and use your senses in every room, can give you more to work.

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