Place Pool Cove

By · Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Place Pool Cove
Has anyone been to Discovery Cove before?

I have some questions for you. 🙂 Is there one in California? (which is where I live) How long before you have to book your visit? How much is the price in September? Although there are other people with you for one thing coach a day, is still worth it? During September, how water temperature and time? Is it warm enough for swimming without a wetsuit / vest? (well, it's gunna sound a little weird, but whatever … I made one for a project and I'm gunna get an underwater camera for graduation so that you can take some pictures and clean Right?) Is it permissible to wear a tail while swimming in the water? How big is the pool of dolphins? How long does it take to cover the entire place? Are there hotels? If so, how much / how good I get discounts to others if they do not? Besides, just tell me about your experience. 🙂 Thanks. 🙂

Hello … Unfortunately, there is Discovery Cove in California. The only one who is here in Orlando. You do not have to book too early, unless you are thinking about going to the busiest hours (Spring Break and summer). Prices for adults are $ 239 plus tax if you book well in advance (it offers an advanced booking discount now). It is rather late spring-autumn warm early to swim without a wetsuit, but I think they are necessary. The temperature of the pools remains constant throughout the year. Serenity Freshwater Bay and wind from the river remain about 86 F (30 C). The salt water swimming with dolphins, Stingray shoals and coral reefs are 77 F (25 C). The dolphin pool is very large … large enough for all the dolphins (and guests) to play. There is not a hotel on the property, but there are many nearby. I do not know about the issue of the glue … I do not think you can use anything weird if you are swimming with the dolphins. I you plan to spend a whole day b / c they get food and drinks included in your income and is a special experience. Only a single number limited number of people in the park. Swim with the dolphins only 20-30 minutes, but there are other things to enjoy while you are there. Very quiet, very quiet. You'll love it!

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