Pebble Above Ground

By · Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Pebble Above Ground
I have a new garage with wood perimeter is approximately 24 inches above the ground, is susceptible to decay?

added a new garage House, 1963. The garage floor is cement. The exterior at the base, the perimeter is made of wood, wood is a 4×4 in the depths of the earth with rock pebble by everywhere (no cement was used for the walls of a meter) for what is visible on the outside is about 24 inches of wood, then vinyl siding. I never saw the wood at the perimeter of the garage — all I see is concrete, then the top starts cement brick or vinyl. Is it necessary worry about wood rot or decay in recent years? and have you ever heard of a garage under construction as this?

Why let the builder to do this? What sounds like a pole barn with a stone in the center of it. I would be concerned. If the 4×4 in the ground are pressure treated and there is good drainage should be fine for a long time. If the wood is not pressure-treated or in the soil remains wet for long periods could not be trouble.Why built on the slab?


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